Today, we have become a first tier supplier in several Asian countries to leading manufacturers serving diversified industries like:

  1. Film, Plastics, Rubber, Paper, Packaging, Printing.
  2. Oil, gas, petrochemical, water, mining, power, steel and other heavy industries.
  3. Solar power plant.

  1. Our direct relationships with manufacturers allow us to provide high quality products at very competitive prices to our customers.
  2. Our supplier in the field of world class key equipments, spare parts, accessories for machinery and plant of packaging industries: film, plastics, rubber, paper and printing. All products range is suitable for modern producing lines like Bruckner, Dornier, DMT and etc.

  1. To be a 100% reliable business partner and to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in all aspects of doing business, from detailed quotation work to accurate order handling, safe packing and shipping till sending you finally flawless shipping documentation.
  2. Assured availability through the immediate procurement of spare parts in the event of a (threatening) plant stoppage even for obsolete spare parts.

  1. Wide scope of supply: Supply a large variety of materials from several world renowned first class manufacturers and high quality materials.
  2. Combining materials from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world into single shipment.
  3. Goods can be seaworthy packed (wooden boxes, crates, containers) as per your requirement to ship by sea, air, courier or road.
  4. Complete export documentation and legalizations.

Most Frequently Requested Products

Besuchen sie uns auf der messe

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Letztes Jahr nahmen wir als Besucher an der „Label expo“ Messe in Belgien Teil. Dieses Jahr haben wir unsere eigens Pavillon (5D05) und wir freuen uns, Sie dort begrüßen zu können. Zuvor haben wir an der „Interpack“ Messe Teilgenomen. Wir werden auch an der D&

16 06 - 2016

vielen Dank für Ihre freundliche Kooperation

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In die letzten zwei Jahre haben wir mehr als Zwanzig Export Lizenzen erhalten. Diese Erlaubnisse waren für den Export von empfindlichen industriellen Waren nach Asien erforderlich. Die Experten von Zollamt besichtigten dabei unsere Firma und haben unseren Handel Haarscharf untersucht. Deren End

16 06 - 2016


Our aim is to maintain a lasting and successful partnership with our customers and suppliers to ensure their satisfaction with reliability to deliver the European industrial goods to the world, with focus on the Asian markets, by carrying all of the leading brands in all industries and applications.

Our entire business process and working procedures are based on trust and continuous monitoring to fully comply with all German, European and international legal regulations.